Love is Free, Go to Print!

Are you ready for #Valentines?#CHAPSGroup Clients can still take advantage of a complimentary poster printing service from #MatthewClark and communicate cupids ???? romantic day with style.  For more info: 

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Paying more than you should for your Beers, Wines, Spirits and Soft Drinks?Your outlet could save more money than you think.  Let us find the products you want at the price you want.  #SaveMoney #ChatWithCHAPS #ChatWithCHAPS

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Happy New Year

2017 sees some exciting transitions and changes at CHAPS Group. With unique offers from exciting new and existing brands, CHAPS Group members can now take advantage of discounted and retrospective repayments with the largest Brands in the world.   contact us to find out more click here >>> ????

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